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Avoid a DUI Conviction with Tempe AZ DUI Solution

A DUI conviction in Arizona or any state for that matter has serious direct and indirect consequences that can have a negative impact on your life. Direct consequences means the financial burden of paying for the fines, penalties, court costs, bail and all other expenses necessary for the reinstatement of your driving privileges. Indirect effects include high insurance costs and the time wasted attending to your DUI case. Once you are arrested, make it an option to try the tempe az dui solution so that a DUI lawyer can evaluate all the evidences and chemical test results and protect all your legal rights.

How to avoid a DUI arrest

  • If you have drunk too much, don’t drive. Call someone to drive you home. If you need to drive, do not make it easy for police officers to find a valid reason to stop you.
  • Avoid any traffic violations and never drive a car with expired plates and non-functioning brake lights.
  • Fasten your seatbelts and stop when the light is red.
  • When a police officer asks you to pull over on the side road, fix your breath since the first thing that the officer will check is whether you have alcohol on your breath. Light a cigarette, chew a gum or spray yourself with perfume or cologne.
  • Make sure that you do not have any bottles of alcohol inside your car whether opened or not. It would be extremely difficult for your DUI lawyer to convince the judge that you have not been drinking if there evidence right within your car.
  • Open windows when you are driving so that fresh air can replace the odor of consumed alcohol.
  • Never tell the officer that you have been drinking since you are giving him reason to arrest you for drunk driving.
  • Refuse to take the field sobriety test. Even if you are sober, it is very unlikely that you will pass the test.
  • Refuse the breathalyzer test but do so politely otherwise it might be construed that you being belligerent.
  • Shut up. You have the right to remain silent so that you do not incriminate yourself.

What happens if you are arrested for DUI?

It is hard to convince the police officers to believe that you have not been drinking. They have the experience dealing with all sorts of people and they know all the excuses used to avoid an arrest. However, don’t forget that you are innocent until proven guilty. The police officer must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were driving under influence when you were arrested. There is no reason why you cannot represent yourself but it takes the guts and experience of a DUI attorney to reduce the serious consequences of a DUI arrest. While no DUI lawyer worth his salt will tell you that the charges will be dismissed, he will ensure that all efforts are made to protect your legal rights. Your DUI lawyer will ensure that everything will be evaluated and analyzed to establish the best defense.

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